Your child will enjoy a fun learning environment while your nanny gets hands-on training from our qualified facilitators


Max’s Mommy says “I appreciate Maggie so much more! It is heartwarming to watch her and Max play”. See our session on the big screen behind them!

“Our family have found these to be such a lifesaver in being able to do fun and meaningful play with Leo whilst we try and juggle working from home and still giving him the attention he deserves.

"We would like to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing classes that are available to us via the portal… especially ensuring that these are things we can do with what we have around the house.”

"Honestly you have made lockdown 100 times easier and better. My nanny has learned so much, my daughter is so stimulated. You've changed our lives."


  • We provide a curriculum based on the science behind learning, brain development and caregiver relationships.
  • Teach you the how and why of play with short videos you can watch in your own time.
  • Share resources and tools to make your home a place of play and laughter.
  • Give you peace of mind that your child's development is being optimised at the most crucial time of development, the first 1000 days.
  • Our curriculum has been tried and tested with over 4000 nannies and children and has been developed by a team of occupational therapists and teachers, many of whom are mothers too.

Founder and Occupational Therapist

Hi, I'm Lara

I am a mom of three boys, an Occupational Therapist and a certified life coach. Nanny ’n Me was started in Cape Town in 2012 when I had the realisation with my own nanny, that most nannies have never had the opportunity as children, to paint or to build puzzles themselves and may feel reticent to have to initiate such activities with the child they care for. So with a passion for creativity, a love for little people and nannies, Nanny ‘n Me was born.